Vietnam Era US Aviators Military Field Gear Combat Medic kit First Aid Bag Full


“There are mostly all new sealed items, including bandages, tincture antiseptic ( sealed in time)

Vietnam Era US AIR FORCE AVIATORS  kit Medical Instrument and Supply Set - First Aid Kit - Complete with Supplies

Up for consideration is a Vietnam Era US AIR FORCE Aviators Medical Instrument and Supply Set, First Aid Kt is full of medical supplies There are  of new sealed items, including bandages,tincture antiseptic ( sealed in time)See photo's for items and condition.  (Extra pouch added)

There is a manufacturers name in the bag, The bag is almost!complete, it is showing no evidence of wear, no rips or tears.  It has the correct DSA # with the medical snake caduces logo. The Medical supplies Dated to the Vietnam era.


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