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IT’S A NO BRAINER If you have any sense at all you will toss the pack straps that come with your newly purchased climber or lock-on Treestand straight into the trash. My hunting buddy had been preaching to me for a few years about getting more mobile and versatile hunting mature bucks by using a climber or mobile lock-on Treestand system instead of continuously hunting out of the same ole couple of fixed position stands year after year unsuccessfully. Well, I finally bought a climber to shut him up and to try something different. After my first hunt whinning and bellyaching the whole way on a public land hunt, painfully using the stock packing straps while he’s giggling and effortlessly humping his to our location which was over a mile from the truck, he easily convinced me I needed to call Jim at LocknWalk Harness to get a legitimate treestand pack harness. Let me tell you the difference is like comparing apples to oranges when compared to the stock harness that comes with virtually every stand system on the market. After contacting Jim at LocknWalk Harness, I decided to snoop the internet looking for another company that made them. My hunting buddy warned me not to bother looking because there wasn’t anything out there, period. I’m obviously hard headed and had to figure that out myself and I did. I ordered my harness and had it in a couple days and it was off to the races. We traveled to numerous states last year and had a blast. I was able to pack back into some really remote regions on state game lands and not be miserable doing it. My pack will consist of filming cameras, camera arms, trail cameras, hooyman tree saw, ozonics machine, day pack, and winter coat. It typically weighs in the 40 plus pound range. This was absolutely my best season to date as far as buck sightings and I harvested my biggest buck to date. I have to attribute this to being so versatile and mobile with a climber and I’m hooked. Now here’s the kicker, I put an arrow in this studs boiler room on state game lands over a mile and a half from our truck. We quartered this buck up, put it in our game bags, and packed an additional 40 to 50 lbs each out strapped to our stands no problem. These things are studs. They're military packing straps turned into treestand packing straps with crazy padding and you couldn’t break one if you wanted to, and I’m damn good at breaking shit. Jim was great to do business with and his customer service is top notch. Thank you Jim for making such a badass harness because I’d never be able to pack my heavy set up with the flimsy ass crap that came with my stand. Yours truly, Now mobile Roman Prostaff : Whitetail Underdogs theDrive TV (RCN) Prostaff: Warrior Quest TV (pursuit channel)

Used my LocknWalk Harness last night and harvested this 8 point in Hartford county, Maryland. Couldn’t be happier with the quality in these harnesses!!! I had a 3/4 mile walk into the area from the road and a 3/4 mile drag back to the road. This harness made the job a lot easier. Thank you LocknWalk Harness.

Let me tell you, my new LocknWalk Harness sure made getting my climber back to this buck's core area and running a broadhead through him a hell of a lot easier. I can’t believe I’ve been humping my stand around for at least the past 15 years with the crap harness that came with it. In fact, every harness I’ve seen that comes with treestands on the market are flimsy and uncomfortable. As hardcore hunters, we just deal with it because the choices are few to replace them, well not anymore. I couldn’t be happier with my new LocknWalk Harness for its comfort and ease of use. It cinches up snug and is very well padded, plus it’s made of cordura that’s camouflage. This thing is something that’ll be handed down to your kids and their kids. LocknWalk Harness’ rock and so does Jim, the owner, with his prompt delivery and customer service. Thanks buddy and I’m super stoked on letting the air out of this stud I’ve been trying to catch up with for 2 years.

Jim, thanks again for a great product!!
Jim thank you for shipping me both the harnesses before deer season. Many of my walks in on public land are 3/4 of a mile in and they made hauling much easier. The harness for the summit climber and my old timber tall fit perfectly with plenty of adjustment. They took all the weight off my lower back and eliminated a lot of the noise the factory straps they came with caused from poor fit. I harvested a mature 8 pointer and will forward you some photos. Thank you for the fantastic product and customer service. Brian Hawes

I took stand with your pack system for a long walk today, and it works great. Just like a backpack should! Most of the weight is carried on the hip belt and just a little on the shoulder. If other hunters know what I know now you should sell a lot of them. Lonewolf's wolf pack is junk compared to your system. Thanks a bunch for designing this system. It will make my hunts so much more pleasurable.
Respectfully Yours,

I have a Lone Wolf (Huge 30″ x 19.5″) and love it but the padded straps are cheap and don’t last. Why not use something that is made for military combat? Load bearing for comfort, roughest terrain and the worst weather. No more digging, beating, banging, or rubbing of your shoulders and back! Nothing but comfort n ease!

Good Transaction. Very happy with product and service. Thank you!

Excellent transaction! Fast shipping! High quality item! Thanks!

Jim, thank you so much! Quick service and a great help. Lets go hunting sometime. Great Product.

Fast shipment, great detail. Prompt shipping and made it right when one small connector was broken.

Thanks, fast shipper. Would buy again!

Item received just as described... very good transaction!