The MSA Millennium is a full-face, CBRN approved respirator system. It is MSA's latest military grade gas mask based on the proven MCU-Series gas masks used by the US Air Force and Navy (as of 2002). It uses standard NATO 40mm filter canisters.

Designed for military, police and first responder use, the gas mask features a one-piece visor and swappable filter ports which allow the user to fire a rifle cheek-welded from either side of the mask without having the filter get in the way. It also features a selection of accessories that add application flexibility and allow for the accommodation of special user needs.

The MSA Millennium is currently (as of 2015) in use by various military, police and first responder units across the USA and in other countries across the world.

  • Flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens offers wide field of vision
  • Lens is bonded to high-carbon rubber facepiece
  • Easy weapon sighting from either shoulder
  • Drinking tube permits fluid intake in contaminated environment
  • Canisters fit on either side
  • Cartridges sold separately
  • NIOSH Approved, CBRN Certified

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