WW2 GERMAN Single Etched Long Bayonet BY Carl Eickhorn BAYONET,FROG & BELT W/BUCKLE

Carl Eickhorn

This bayonet has a fine hilt with 100% of the original nickel plating intact; it shows very little wear. In fine condition and these marks do not show from the obverse or reverse. The mortise button and lock function well, and there is no felt in the rifle slot.

The grip plates are in excellent condition, with good black checkered surfaces and retained by dressed steel rivets.

The scabbard is straight throughout, with good original paint. This paint shows some mild crazing on the obverse and reverse, but overall is about 95% intact.The scabbard is equipped with a  leather frog

The long blade is in Mint condition, being plain on the reverse facing. The obverse blade features an etched pattern; a double band ribbon surrounded by oak leaves. The ribbon contains the standard remembrance. On either side of the text is a Wehrmacht eagle clutching a swastika The reverse ricasso is stamped with the familiar 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel trademark, and the original black leather blade buffer is in place.

This rectangular buckle is of aluminum construction and has a nicely pebbled obverse facing. There is a little bit of oxidation on the edge area but this would probably clean off.

The Army buckle has a double row of rope-like decorations surrounding the motto “Gott Mit Uns” at the upper portion, while the lower has a half-wreath of oak leaves and acorns. In the center there is a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika.

Very good condition and original WWII German army belt that is clearly manufacturer marked L. KRUMM OFFENBACH and dated 1941. This tough to find piece .the Leather is soft and supple with some normal wear. Complete with buckle hook and attachment tab.  Tough to find these WWII German army belts with these great markings, will make a fine addition to your collection.

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