Deactivated Spanish M65 bazooka Inert


Spanish M65 Super Bazooka with optical sights , 3.5 inch bore, demilled to ATF specifications, selection of painted Camo Patterns *Good*

Sold Individually.
These are original Spanish manufactured NATO M65 Rocket Launcher "Super Bazookas".
Based on the US Army M20A1B1 3.5 inch super bazooka with better sights and 3 support legs.
Demilled via hole saw cut in side and a plate welded across the rear of the tube opening.
These have seen years of service use, expect, some fittings needing servicing, minor bends and hardware needing replaced or tightened.
May show signs of wear, marring, grime, surface rust, etc...

Camoflage Color Selection:

Pattern Camo (Varying forest camo

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