Blackhawk Tactical Load Bearing Vest





Have you ever wanted to look like an early 2000s US contractor? Look no further that these Blackhawk tactical vests. This is an old school Blackhawk vest, the kind of things everyone wore before MOLLE pouches and modular vest really took off. It has a slew of sewn in pouches, both general purpose and magazine, that are secured shut with hook and loop flaps. The three magazine pouches can hold either 2 M4 mags per, or a single AK mag. There are 4 general purpose (GP) pouches, all flap closure, that easily hold the items you need right on your person. There is also a small utility pouch on the left shoulder. The right shoulder has the long forgotten rifle shoulder padding, for additional comfort while shooting. Along the bottom are loops for interfacing with ALICE belts, making it easy to expand the total amount of gear on the vest. The zip up front makes it easy to don/doff and it is adjustable for height and waist. Hook and loop sections at the shoulders are ready to be adjusted, and at the waist there is LBE type lacing for fast adjustments to sizing.


  • M4 and M16 Magazine Compatible – Compatible with government issue USGI M4 and M16 30 round aluminum magazines.
  • Fits AK Mags – See main description for details on fitment and tips.
  • ALICE Webbing – Has ALICE compatible webbing on the exterior for attaching ALICE and other compatible accessories.
  • Compatible With ALICE Pistol Belts – Can be used with ALICE pistol belts.

Manufactured by:

  • Blackhawk! – Blackhawk! manufactures this item. Blackhawk! is a manufacture of tactical and outdoor gear that is used by both military and law enforcement.

Country of Manufacture: USA – This product is manufactured in the #1 country, the USA.

Issue Type: Aftermarket – This is a military style item that is not issued within the Military.

Collections: Tactical Gear Plate Carriers

Category: Blackhawk, LBV

Type: LBV

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