Sewing Hardcore

Knowing how to sew i found to be an art in itself. I take a lot of pride in my work & i found satisfaction & cents of accomplishment .

Ive spent an unlimited amount of time going through the learning curve of sewing with over-sized bulky machine before I was ready for my first machine.

Now after years of sewing and the invention of my patented tree-stand carrying harness.I now own 5 workhorse sewing machines to handle the process of sewing.I don’t cut corners, most all I sew is Heavy Duty to military spec-with US Military Spec-parts & military Spec-thread.


Why the LocknWalk?

Providing the best gear made in America at our best possible prices, delivered fast, on time and as promised. We only sell genuine, top quality USGI – United States genuine issue field gear, clothing and apparel. When it comes to providing quality gear for our military Uncle Sam doesn’t cut corners. USGI made in America and it’s made to last!
Have you ever had to carry your tree stand through the woods on a cold autumn morning? Did you find that your shoulder straps would begin to dig deeper into your shoulders on every step? We created the LocknWalk harness for just this reason. Give your back and shoulders a rest and rely on the LocknWalk for your transportation needs. By modifying army surplus packs, we are able to provide the hard-core hunter with the same durability and strength that our own military relies on. When carrying a tree stand to your hunting sight, comfort and portability are key. Just simply strap your tree stand to the pack, and you are ready to go. When hunting, time is of the essence. That is why the LocknWalk is equipped with quick release straps for fast and easy removal. This is truly “comfort for the long haul.”

About James Roose
James Roose has been an avid hunter from a very early age. Growing up in a family of hunters, he understood what it takes to be a great hunter. After hauling tree stands and gear through the woods for years, James knew something had to be done about the discomfort he was experiencing.

“Being a veteran, I have seen military equipment come a long way from when I was an enlisted man over 25 years ago.”

The LocknWalk is custom designed and modified from gently used military packs to create the Locknwalk. Each pack is specially altered to fit your specific tree stand. The military now is getting the best of the best and so should you. “The LocknWalk, comfort for the die-hard hunter.”